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Crease Protectors - Anti Shoe Crease Guards

(4.96) 2329 Reviews
Crease Protectors - Anti Shoe Crease Guards - iSneaker

Crease Protectors - Anti Shoe Crease Guards

(4.96) 2329 Reviews

Crease Protectors

 Get a longer lasting, fresh-out-of-the-box look with Official Crease Protectors

Our high comfort shoe protectors defend your Sneakers from creases. They insert easily into your shoe, protecting the toe box from the inside. This stops creases and wrinkles while your walking. #airforce1creaseshield#crepcrease

**This product is not visible and therefore colour sent may be either white or black**

  • Flexible: Firmly protecting your toe box from creasing, while moving with your trainers to stay comfortable. #Sneakdefender#soleshields
  • Breathable: Unique shaping and ventilation holes leave your shoes just as breathable as they were designed.
  • Durable: 100 wears in and still looking fresh. Up to two years protection from creases.
  • Wearable: Slide the shields in and travel to where you need to go.

Easily insert the Crease Protectors in your trainers so that when you walk the toe box doesn’t crease and the fresh look always remains! #Sneakdefender#soleshields

Works with all trainers which crease. #Sneakdefender#soleshields

Extremely popular when purchased for: Nike Air Force 1's, Jordans, Converses, Yeezy's, UGG's - Can be worn inside any type of trainer!   #airforce1creaseshield#crepcrease


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