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The Best Ways to Store Shoes 1

The Best Ways to Store Shoes 1

Whether you only have three pairs or thousands of pairs of sneakers, learning how to store them is crucial, although this has been quite a challenge to a lot of people. Of course, you only get to wear one pair at a time, meaning that the others will just be lying idle somewhere. So, how do you do with them? Do you leave them lying on the floor, or just ditch them in one box unarranged? Of course, if you want your sneakers to last for long, you have to learn how to store them well. And this is the best article to read if you want to know how you should store your sneakers.

Before we learn how to store shoes, why is it so important to store them well? There are plenty of benefits that come with adequately storing your shoes. They include:


  • To prevent discolouring.
  • To keep them away from dust.
  • To prevent them from getting damaged by factors like exposure to water.

 Many misconceptions and myths are said concerning how to store sneakers. Here is a list of the best ways to do it.


  1. Store them in their original boxes

Sometimes getting storage boxes to put your sneakers can be a bit more expensive. However, when buying your sneakers, they come packed in a box. You can store them in those boxes to avoid extra costs of buying storage boxes. Additionally, if you keep the original boxes, you have an added value when you want to sell or trade them. These boxes are also practical, and your sneakers will maintain their good look. You can also stick the boxes together in whichever manner you want, giving it a shoe cabinet look.


       2. Get sneaker trees

Ever worn your sneakers after a long time without wearing it and felt like your feet had shrunk? It is meant to happen when you stay for a long time without wearing our sneakers. This is because the materials used in making sneakers usually stretch when left unworn for a long time to keep them in good shape. Therefore, to avoid this, get yourself a sneaker tree to insert in the shoe. The sneaker trees also help prevent creases.


        3. Get plastic sneaker boxes

If you do not have the original boxes, you can buy some plastic storage boxes. However, this can be a little expensive.


        4. Keep your shoes clean

Cleaning shoes before storing them is something many people ignore, probably because of feeling lazy. If you tend to store your shoes dirty, you will have a price to pay. Putting them with dirt only causes the dirt to become stickier and more become permanent. That means that even when you clean them thoroughly, some stains will remain. This, in turn, will result in you getting yourself another pair of sneakers after a few days.


Summing it up, it is essential to avoid storing your sneakers in a place open to sunlight. This could result in discolouring your beautiful sneakers. And the last thing you need to understand is that people are different. Some will go for the expensive plastic boxes, but if you cannot afford that, stick to the cardboard boxes. After all, the bottom line is not what you use as long your sneakers are well stored.5isneaker Admin

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