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How to Remove Existing Creases on Your Shoes

How to Remove Existing Creases on Your Shoes

Have you had an experience where you bought yourself a pair of sneakers, and after only a few times of wear, it is wrinkled and gets that look of an old shoe? Well, I know it is very disappointing and gives you a feeling of having wasted your money. But, sneakers, especially when new or in their excellent condition, give you that classy look. That is why you see many celebrities have adopted sneakers as their mode of dressing. And of course, there is that pride and esteem that comes with knowing you are dressed right.

However, a wrinkled or creased shoe can make you feel like you are wearing an old pair. And of course, it takes away the confidence and esteem while walking, especially in public places. Although it is natural for shoes to get creases as you walk, you can remove them and maintain that new look of your shoes. There are many ways that people use to remove already formed creases. Below are some of the methods people use to remove wrinkles from shoes.


  1. Using iSneakers creases protector

If you are looking for the best way to remove or prevent creases on your shoes, then you should get yourself a pair of sneakers shield creases protectors. Some people even refer to them as ‘holy grail’ of shoe care. The protectors are fitted on the inside in the toe area. Because of its firmness, the shield protector prevents the toe box from creasing as you walk.

Additionally, if your sneakers have developed some creases already, the shield creases protector is firm enough, and once fitted on the inside straightens the shoe, removing all the creases.


      2. Ironing the shoes 

Many people think that an iron box is only used in straightening clothes. But no. You can use it to remove the existing creases in your shoes. It, however, involves a series of steps.

  1. Remove the shoelaces and fit a towel tightly inside the trainer.
  2. Take another towel and damp it and place it on top of the shoe trainer, making sure the damp towel is covering the creased area.
  3. Connect your iron box to power, and once heated, place it over the area with creases and iron in circular motions until all the wrinkles are gone.

When using this ironing process, it is essential always to ensure the towel you are using is always damp. Otherwise, if the towel is dry, it will end up being burnt and will not serve its intended purpose. However, the ironing process only gets rid of the already existing creases, and once you wear the shoe again, new wrinkles will develop. Therefore, it is essential that once you remove the creases after ironing, get a pair of sneaker shield creases protectors to prevent new creases from forming.

To sum it up, sneakers can have a lifespan of several months to years, depending on how well you maintain them. The primary and best way to keep them well and increase their lifespan is by ensuring you prevent them from getting creases and removing the creases once you notice any. The small wrinkles that start forming are what advance and leads to the shoes getting torn. Do not allow your shoes to have that old look, whereas you can maintain its new and classy look with no creases.

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