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How to make my trainers bigger?

How to make my trainers bigger?

Have you spent a fortune on your trainers, and they are not a comfortable fit? Will making your trainers bigger give you the perfect fit? If you are in such a situation, then you are in the right place. The secret to making your sneaker bigger is a sneaker tree.


Sneaker trees are designed to hold the shape of your sneakers during storage. The popular sneaker trees are constructed from wood, such as cedar, which neutralizes odours and absorbs moisture. What most people don’t know is that you could use these sneaker trees to make your trainers bigger.


Using a sneaker tree to make your trainers bigger


What you need to do when shopping for a sneaker tree is to ensure that you get a size that is comfortable for your feet. This means that if your trainers are smaller, then the sneaker tree will stretch them. You need to insert the sneaker tree into the trainer and let it just sit in your closet for a while.


You must get a high-quality sneaker tree with a defined shape that will ensure your trainer gets stretched without compromising the design. An excellent high-quality sneaker tree should also be made from a durable material such as cedarwood.


There are specific models of sneaker trees that allow you to adjust the size through the featured springs. This is the perfect buy since you can dictate how big you need to stretch your trainers. However, don’t over-adjust the sneaker tree because you risk damaging your trainers permanently.


How long does it take to make trainers bigger using sneaker trees?


Now, it will take about a day or two before your trainers get to the right size. However, ensure that you store your trainers with sneaker trees inserted to give you more permanent enlargement. Doing this will also ensure that the trainer doesn’t \lose shape or crease due to the adjustment.


Will I need a crease protector?


You must also get the sneaker crease protector when you decide to make your trainers bigger. Understand that your trainer has been stretched, and this could lead to severe creasing. The sneaker will ensure that you keep your trainer in mint condition.


The crease protector acts as an extension of the sneaker tree when your trainer is not in storage. It will also make you feel more comfortable when walking around in your trainers. Most people make the mistake of enlarging their trainers without getting the crease protector. In such situations, your trainer will get lots of creases, and it may just lose its shape and design.




Ensure that you shop for a high-quality sneaker tree because it is a long-lasting investment. You also don’t need a lot of sneaker trees in your closet since not all your shoes need to be stored with one inserted. However, if you can afford it, then don’t hesitate to buy as many sneaker trees as possible. It is equally important that you get the crease protector to ensure your trainer never get any creases and maintain their design.


The Best Ways to Store Shoes

The Best Ways to Store Shoes

Whether you only have three pairs or thousands of pairs of sneakers, learning how to store them is crucial, although this has been quite a challenge to a lot of people. Of course, you only get to wear one pair at a time, meaning that the others will just be lying idle somewhere. So, how do you do with them? Do you leave them lying on the floor, or just ditch them in one box unarranged? Of course, if you want your sneakers to last for long, you have to learn how to store them well. And this is the best article to read if you want to know how you should store your sneakers.

Before we learn how to store shoes, why is it so important to store them well? There are plenty of benefits that come with adequately storing your shoes. They include:


  • To prevent discolouring.
  • To keep them away from dust.
  • To prevent them from getting damaged by factors like exposure to water.

 Many misconceptions and myths are said concerning how to store sneakers. Here is a list of the best ways to do it.


  1. Store them in their original boxes

Sometimes getting storage boxes to put your sneakers can be a bit more expensive. However, when buying your sneakers, they come packed in a box. You can store them in those boxes to avoid extra costs of buying storage boxes. Additionally, if you keep the original boxes, you have an added value when you want to sell or trade them. These boxes are also practical, and your sneakers will maintain their good look. You can also stick the boxes together in whichever manner you want, giving it a shoe cabinet look.


       2. Get sneaker trees

Ever worn your sneakers after a long time without wearing it and felt like your feet had shrunk? It is meant to happen when you stay for a long time without wearing our sneakers. This is because the materials used in making sneakers usually stretch when left unworn for a long time to keep them in good shape. Therefore, to avoid this, get yourself a sneaker tree to insert in the shoe. The sneaker trees also help prevent creases.


        3. Get plastic sneaker boxes

If you do not have the original boxes, you can buy some plastic storage boxes. However, this can be a little expensive.


        4. Keep your shoes clean

Cleaning shoes before storing them is something many people ignore, probably because of feeling lazy. If you tend to store your shoes dirty, you will have a price to pay. Putting them with dirt only causes the dirt to become stickier and more become permanent. That means that even when you clean them thoroughly, some stains will remain. This, in turn, will result in you getting yourself another pair of sneakers after a few days.


Summing it up, it is essential to avoid storing your sneakers in a place open to sunlight. This could result in discolouring your beautiful sneakers. And the last thing you need to understand is that people are different. Some will go for the expensive plastic boxes, but if you cannot afford that, stick to the cardboard boxes. After all, the bottom line is not what you use as long your sneakers are well stored.

How to Remove Existing Creases on Your Shoes

How to Remove Existing Creases on Your Shoes

Have you had an experience where you bought yourself a pair of sneakers, and after only a few times of wear, it is wrinkled and gets that look of an old shoe? Well, I know it is very disappointing and gives you a feeling of having wasted your money. But, sneakers, especially when new or in their excellent condition, give you that classy look. That is why you see many celebrities have adopted sneakers as their mode of dressing. And of course, there is that pride and esteem that comes with knowing you are dressed right.

However, a wrinkled or creased shoe can make you feel like you are wearing an old pair. And of course, it takes away the confidence and esteem while walking, especially in public places. Although it is natural for shoes to get creases as you walk, you can remove them and maintain that new look of your shoes. There are many ways that people use to remove already formed creases. Below are some of the methods people use to remove wrinkles from shoes.


  1. Using iSneakers creases protector

If you are looking for the best way to remove or prevent creases on your shoes, then you should get yourself a pair of sneakers shield creases protectors. Some people even refer to them as ‘holy grail’ of shoe care. The protectors are fitted on the inside in the toe area. Because of its firmness, the shield protector prevents the toe box from creasing as you walk.

Additionally, if your sneakers have developed some creases already, the shield creases protector is firm enough, and once fitted on the inside straightens the shoe, removing all the creases.


      2. Ironing the shoes 

Many people think that an iron box is only used in straightening clothes. But no. You can use it to remove the existing creases in your shoes. It, however, involves a series of steps.

  1. Remove the shoelaces and fit a towel tightly inside the trainer.
  2. Take another towel and damp it and place it on top of the shoe trainer, making sure the damp towel is covering the creased area.
  3. Connect your iron box to power, and once heated, place it over the area with creases and iron in circular motions until all the wrinkles are gone.

When using this ironing process, it is essential always to ensure the towel you are using is always damp. Otherwise, if the towel is dry, it will end up being burnt and will not serve its intended purpose. However, the ironing process only gets rid of the already existing creases, and once you wear the shoe again, new wrinkles will develop. Therefore, it is essential that once you remove the creases after ironing, get a pair of sneaker shield creases protectors to prevent new creases from forming.

To sum it up, sneakers can have a lifespan of several months to years, depending on how well you maintain them. The primary and best way to keep them well and increase their lifespan is by ensuring you prevent them from getting creases and removing the creases once you notice any. The small wrinkles that start forming are what advance and leads to the shoes getting torn. Do not allow your shoes to have that old look, whereas you can maintain its new and classy look with no creases.

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