iSneaker was introduced into the world by two Sneaker Freaks. This was made to make sure your trainers continue looking fresh without having to spend money on buying them again and again! 

We have a small yet effective catalogue to assist in getting the most out of your trainers. 

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Crease Protectors

Use our comfortable Crease Protectors to prevent your trainers from creasing ever again! 

From £9.99 £14.99 saving £5.00
S N E A K E R - S P R A Y

The Sneaker Spray will protect your Sneakers from any liquid or any damage from weather conditions whether its rain or snow.

£7.99 £9.99 saving £2.00
S N E A K E R - T R E E

At the end of the day insert your Sneaker Trees to get your Trainers back into its original fresh shape! 

From £6.99 £9.99 saving £3.00
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